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Sand & Salt Spinners

Salt and Sand Spinners

One-piece metal-reinforced salt and sand spinners have been widely praised by road maintenance departments, including those who have to be prepared for harsh Northern Minnesota winters.

  • These rugged spinners are manufactured with Irathane's proprietary urethane, which combines the toughness of a linear plastic with the resilience of soft natural rubber. As a result, Irathane spinners resist abrasion and impact better than metal alloys or rubber.
  • Spinners from Irathane will not corrode. Highway maintenance salts and chemicals do not affect urethane.
  • High-slip surface prevents material build-up and increases spread efficiency.
  • Retains performance and durability at temperatures as low as minus 60° F.
  • Lightweight Irathane spinners are only 1/7th the weight of metal spinners.
  • Highly resistant to sliding and impact abrasion.
  • Engineered to outwear conventional polyurethanes, polyethylenes, rubber and steel.
  • Lightweight, easy, safe and economical to install and maintain.
  • Dimensionally accurate to assure highly efficient performance.
  • Cost—effective Irathane cast parts outperform conventional parts to reduce maintenance downtime and replacement costs.
  • Available sizes include 18" and 24" diameters.
  • Metal reinforcement is totally encapsulated.