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Custom Rubber Lining

Rubber Lined Products

Iracore International LLC offers complete rubber lining services for a broad range of applications including: pulleys, rolls, cyclones, and tanks. They range in size from small, one-pound parts to massive items weighing up to five tons. With the largest autoclaves in the industry, and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, Iracore can accommodate and offer prompt delivery of large volume orders on a continuous basis.

Rubber removal can be performed through air, grit, or water blasting systems. With a variety of rubber compounds, we can meet almost any specifications or customers special needs. Autoclave vulcanization is closely monitored and controlled to ensure the best possible bonding action.

For your convenience, rubber lining is performed at these divisions of Iracore:

  • Iracore International – Hibbing, MN
  • Industrial Rubber Applicators – Hibbing, MN   

Pulley Lining and Lagging

Industrial Rubber Applicators offers complete pulley lining and relining services for any sized pulley in the industry as well as base metal repair work. With the largest autoclaves in the industry and the capability to handle heavy parts, pulley size is never a problem.

Only the highest quality pulley lagging is applied to meet your thickness specifications. Autoclave vulcanization under closely maintained and controlled conditions assure the best possible rubber to steel adhesion bond.

Services we can provide:

  • Arrange for pick-up and delivery of your parts
  • Removal of old rubber
  • Crack testing of steel
  • Grooving of pulley lagging
  • Metal wrapping for long-term storage