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Classifier Shoes

IRATHANE® Classifier Shoes

IRATHANE CLASSIFIER SHOES are replacing alloy shoes in mineral processing, sand and gravel plants, and other slurry related operations. In many installations, the service life of Irathane shoes has exceeded that of metal shoes from 4 to 6 times. Lightweight Irathane shoes offer greater wear resistance and increased service life than hardened alloys.

Irathane Shoes are currently available for a broad range of equipment including: Akins, Cindaco, Denver, Eagle, Kolberg, Nermco, McLanahan, Telsmith, and Wemco.

Irathane Shoes
  • Are made of specially formulated compounds to reduce abrasive wear.
  • Are lightweight, weighing one seventh that of metal alloy shoes and are easy to handle for fast, safe, and trouble-free installation.
  • Are unbreakable, for trouble-free storage and installation.
  • Resist corrosion in applications involving many chemical solutions.
  • Are interchangeable between right and left hand screws, thereby reducing shoe inventories.
  • Cover the complete wear area of the flight, using a middle or inner shoe or a combination of shoes.
  • Can be made for Custom Applications.
    *See selection key for available configurations (Contact us for custom sizes)